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Welcome to Setting Lights a division of Lucky Hoodoo Products Inc. located in Hancock Michigan, owned and operated by Miss Alice with assistance from Frank Papa Doc.

Known as the Mojo Specialist, Miss Alice and the Papa Doc are spiritual merchants and hoodoo practitioners who, between them, have over 50 years of knowledge and experience in the preparation of hoodoo products and services. The personal services and quality products that Miss Alice and the Papa Doc have provided to spiritual workers and root doctors has be proven helpful when dealing with their client’s day to day spiritual problems and concerns.

Miss Alice and Frank Papa Doc’s knowledge of hoodoo products is a direct result of growing up on the near south side of Chicago in the shadows of the most famous manufacturers of hoodoo products, Morton Neumann’s Valmor Products and King Novelty Company. The exposure to hoodoo products at a young age gave them both guidance and direction in life. Miss Alice’s uncle, who was a salesman for Valmor Products, often brought over the latest products to sample. Products that filled her life with the magic of hoodoo. Weekly trips to the original Lama Temple near 62nd and Wentworth to stock up on candles and incense for her grandma introduced Miss Alice to a wealth of information. Family members of both Miss Alice and the Papa Doc were spiritual workers and regular shoppers at all the small candles shops and hoodoo stores in the area throughout the 30’s 40’s and 50’s. A tradition that was passed onto them and been a part of their lives ever since.

Frank Papa Doc, was born and raised in Chinatown on the south side of Chicago, a culturally diverse and ethnically rich neighborhood back in the 50’s, just a stone’s throw away from the renowned Record Row home to Chicago’s most famous blues and jazz recording artists. At the age of nine he went to work for a woman who went by the name of Mama Baby Doll. Mama Baby Doll was a spiritual merchant, a Vaudun Mambo. While working in her store young Frank delivered many packages to Mama Baby Doll’s clientele. She called him her "white angel" and saw within him an ability to connect with all things spiritual. Mama Baby Doll was impressed with Frank’s unyielding interest and understanding of all the products and services she provided as a spiritual merchant, plus young Frank had golden eyes and his mother had one green eye and one brown eye, the mark of a seer. Legend holds that in ancient Greece the world’s first psychic, The Oracle at Delphi had two different colored eyes, thus marks the start of Frank Papa Doc’s spiritual journey which still continues today.

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