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Candle burning reports are sent to the email address you have provided on your order. The report will be emailed within one week after your candle has expired. The report will give an analysis of your candle burning regarding some or all of the following signs that may have occurred while your candle was burning: size of flame, black or white soot on glass cylinder, cracked or shattered glass cylinder followed by a recommendation on how to proceed with your next candle burning in order to achieve your desired goal.

Each CANDLE BURNING SERVICE WITH REPORT that you order comes with ONE CANDLE REPORT regardless of the length of time you have chosen to burn your candle.

Please do not reply to the candle report email or try to engage in any discussion or questions about your candle burning report.

Please do not ask for updates on candles while they are burning. To find out how your candle burned and what you should do next, you will need to order a Candle Burning Report with it...plain and simple.


Love and Sex


Below is the information format you will receive when ordering a Candle Burning Report.
There will be check marks in front of the signs your candle burning exhibited along with a recommendation on how to proceed with your next candle burning in order to accomplish all that you have petitioned for.

FLAME GOES OUT/CANDLE WILL NOT BURN: This means the candle you have chosen is not appropriate for what you want to accomplish, so another one must be chosen. It can also mean that your petition needs to be reevaluated otherwise you will not see any results.

CANDLE GLASS EXPLODES AND CRACKS: This means your target is spiritually protected and any negative candle burning against this person will meet resistance. It can also indicate that someone is casting a spell against you and spiritual protection is needed before you can continue.

CANDLE BURNS WEAK WITH LOW FLAME: This means there may be a strong opposing spiritual force working against you. It may also mean that your petition may be difficult to accomplish, so you may be required to burn many candles.

CANDLE BURNS STRONG WITH HIGH FLAME: This means you have chosen the right candle and there is a lot of power behind the spell and very little resistance to your petition. It is a good sign.

CANDLE BURNS VERY QUICK: Also know as an accelerated burn ...his is considered a good sign, however the rewards may be short lived and the spell will need to be repeated.

CANDLE GLASS SHOWS WHITE SOOT: White soot indicates spirit communication, cleansing and purification. It means there is no blockage of your petition and your request has been heard.

CANDLE GLASS SHOWS BLACK SOOT: Black soot is a sign of negativity and witchcraft which means your candle petition is being blocked. This will prevent you from obtaining your desired results. It may also indicate that someone is working against you, casting a spell against you.

CANDLE LEAVES WAX RESIDUE ON THE INSIDE: Wax on the sides or at the bottom of the glass indicates there are personal personal problems blocking the progress of the spell and the spell needs to be repeated. These problems could be uncertainty, negativity or confusion.

RECOMMENDATION: Information, advice and guidance on how to proceed with your next candle burning will be provided so that you can accomplish all you have petitioned for.





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